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3.1. Sewer Scope Inspection

  1.  The sewer scope inspector will inspect and video-record:

    A. the main or exterior lateral sewer line from a proper cleanout or roof vent stack;

    B. ​record the entire video and provide the video to the client as either an online link or a physical copy;

    C. document any and all defects observed in the video inspection; and

    D. if a cleanout is not visible or accessible, the inspector will note that in the report.


 2.   When possible, the sewer scope inspector shall describe:

    A. the type of lateral sewer line or pipe materials.

 3.   The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

    A. the presence of visible cracks;

    B. the presence of any observed plant or tree root intrusion;

    C. the presence of any offset over ¼-inch;

    D. the presence of over 1 inch of standing water;

    E. the presence of a blockage or restriction;

    F. the presence of a crushed line or pipe;

    G. the presence of a broken line or pipe;

    H. the presence of a separated or disconnected line or pipe;

    I. the presence of excessive rust or scale;

    J. the presence of an excessive amount of grease;

    K. the presence of deteriorated concrete;

    L. the presence of an egg-shaped line;

    M. the presence of a collapsed line or pipe; and

    N. the presence of delamination or deterioration.

 4.    The inspector is not required to:

    A. identify the presence of Orangeburg or Bermico (bituminous fiber pipe).

    B. identify the presence of asbestos cement or Transite pipe. 

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